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12 October 2016

Band Aid: Band Collar, 3 Ways

We get asked all the time what a band collar is. It’s simply a dress shirt without a collar. Band collars have various stories of origin; from China to India as well as the industrial era in Northern England.

The band collar shirt has made its way into our hearts because of its apparent functionality and versatility. We believe this vintage style is here to stay. Here are three different yet classic ways to dress up your band collar.


We love this look because it is effortlessly casual. Pair it with a pair of Japanese Selvedge denim and a nice classic watch. Depending on the look you are going for, Double Monk shoes or a pair of converses should do the trick.


On its own outfit featuring: Band Collar Oxford // Japanese selvedge denim//


Don’t say we didn’t tell you. This combination is perfect for a night out. The right blazer and jeans will have you looking and feeling on top of the world. You can choose to button it up all the way for a more formal look or leave one or two buttons open for a more relaxed look.

IMG_1270With jeans and a blazer outfit featuring: White Linen Solid Band Collar shirt // Japanese Selvedge Denim 


“Incorporate a patterned blazer into your outfit to add more depth to your look”


Be creative and pair your band collar with a suit. This match-up has been a resurgent trend and we get super excited when we see this look perfectly executed. It’s extremely easy to go from formal to relaxed with this look. Take off your jacket and tuck out your shirt and you could go catch your boys at the bar looking relaxed and stylish.