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14 August 2017

Cutting Edge Denim At Odrin

The Japanese are unquestionable leaders in selvedge denim production. This high-quality, durable and flexible denim with a clean finish lasts a lifetime. Read more to find out what makes these premium jeans a must-have for every modern man’s wardrobe.

Why Japanese Denim?

The relationship between denim and Japan dates to the 1960s. The Japanese were first introduced to jeans by American soldiers and quickly caught onto the trend. According to self-proclaimed denim nerds, Naked and Famous, the Japanese got into making denim by first mimicking American denim manufacturing post World War 2.

As demand for jeans in the United States grew, manufacturers moved on to conventional methods of production. The Japanese, however, stuck to the traditional method of producing denim using shuttle looms and have since emerged as world leaders in denim manufacturing. Their attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship is what makes Japanese denim unrivalled.

What is Selvedge Denim?

The word ‘Selvedge’ comes from “self edge” – a term used to describe the production process of this high-quality denim. Most regular denim is made on high-speed machines, in contrast, selvedge denim is made using shuttle looms which weave at a lower speed resulting in tightly woven fabric with band edges ensuring the fabric will not fray, unravel or curl.

The telltale signs of selvedge denim are the white edge with a red finish – depending on the brand. This means that when you roll up your jeans, they show a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish which also add character to the jeans.



Should My Jeans Be Raw?

Raw denim refers to denim that has little or no processing –the denim may have been rinsed lightly but no industrial washing or pre-fading. By not pre-washing, the fabric starts off stiff and over time, without being washed, they slowly conform to the unique form of the wearer and the fade will reflect the wearer’s unique lifestyle.

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Source: Pinterest (nakedandfamous.com)

Caring for Raw Denim

Don’t wash your raw denim too soon – this will compromise your fade and aging of the jeans. Wait for your first official wash anywhere between four months to a year after your first wear. We recommend hand washing in ice cold water or a cold machine wash and hanging them to dry.

Odrin’s Denim Offering


At Odrin we pride ourselves on stocking high-quality wardrobe staples which is why we only stock premium Japanese Selvedge from Naked and Famous and their sister brand Unbranded Brand.

Naked and Famous use the most unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan. The production process integrates a combination of old school and modern practices. Every pair of Naked and Famous jeans is proudly and ethically made in Canada.

Unbranded Brand is a sub-brand of Naked and Famous. The brand is focused on simplicity and, as a result, they produce three different cuts with four variations of their jeans. They follow a simple motto: “No branding, no washes, no embroidery, no ad campaigns and no celebrities”. Every pair of Unbranded Brand jeans is proudly and ethically made in Macau.

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