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5 September 2017

Fashion, Form and Function

According to Taire, “style is the embodiment or outward-facing reflection of your personality; it should be very personal”. But what does the man who’s made it his life’s work to help people with their own style wear all week? Get a glimpse inside Taire’s wardrobe, from Monday to Sunday.

Taire’s Style Defined

“I’d describe my style as neutral and fashion-forward. I like to think of my style as an adaptation of the classic – my own interpretation of the way men have been dressing for decades, with a twist,” says Taire. This informs Odrin’s philosophy too: Helping people build a better wardrobe by focusing on foundational items that will stand the test of time; the kind of items that look good on most people and act as a blank canvas on which to apply your personality.

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“I don’t like to spend a long time getting dressed – my look needs to be fairly simple”, he says. Taire’s wardrobe is made up of easy-wearing items that mix and match, depending on what the day ahead holds. “I typically dress the same way all year round, but I’m all about layering for unpredictable or colder weather” he adds.

WORKING 9-5 – Dressing for Comfort

Taire’s days are spent in the Odrin showroom, filled with the duties of running his own business, from attending to daily administrative tasks, to touching base with various suppliers and the Odrin team. “A normal weekday in my life is split between my team, solving business problems, dealing with suppliers, and making sure our customers are satisfied with every Odrin experience”, says Taire of his busy schedule.

To get through the unpredictability of an entrepreneur’s career in an online and offline retail business, Taire needs to be comfortable. “My work week is difficult to typify, so I dress for comfort. But I’m an extension of my brand, all the time, so everything always has to look great and fit well. I don’t believe comfort and style need to be mutually exclusive”, he says.


STRICTLY BUSINESS – Dressing to Impress

A businessman needs to always look the part, particularly when attending important meetings with investors and other Odrin stakeholders. Taire ditches effortless casualwear in favor of dressing to impress in a custom, made-to-measure Odrin suit in classic blue.

For regular use, we recommend a 100% fine quality wool 120s suit that’s comfortable to move in. This suit still feels and looks luxurious, but is suitable for daily use.

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Style Tip: Before choosing your fabric grade, it’s important to know what you want out of a suit: The higher the Super number, the finer and more delicate the yarn. For work, choose a 120s–130s fabric for a luxurious yet durable suit that can be worn daily. For formal events, opt for a 150s fabric that will last a lifetime if worn occassionally.

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WORKING WEEKEND – Dressing for Versatility

“Weekends are where the bulk of our offline traffic comes from, with lots of people coming to visit us in our showroom at 44 Stanley”, explains Taire. With the store opening a little later, Taire has more time to put his look together, with a view of perhaps going out with friends or his wife after work. “Customers are in and out the showroom all weekend, so it’s an opportunity for me to put my best foot forward”.

Taire uses the weekends to showcase Odrin’s adaptable style, and his unique personal style too. He spends a lot of time on the floor with customers giving his professional styling input, and needs to look the part too.