7 November 2017

From Beach to Bar

Breaking from the group to go home and change after a day at the beach can be a real buzz kill. So we’ve put together the perfect ensemble that ensures maximum time in the sand and sea, and maximum time with your favourite drink!

The Beach Look

Headed to the beach? Pack the perfect outfit to wear for a day by the sea that involves catching some sun, swimming and surfing the crashing waves, and serious seaside relaxation time.

Start with the obvious: a pair of Granadilla Swim swimming shorts (available in Originals, Long and Kids) – the perfect summertime companion that’s striking, bold, and made with meticulous attention to every small detail.



Pair your trunks with a loosely worn semi-spread collar shirt in lightweight and breathable linen, cotton or chambray, rolled up high, close to your elbow – this will act as a great cover-up from the elements, and breathe an air of cool over your look. Finish your look with a slip-on pair of loafers or sneakers that are practical for walking and come off easily for a quick dip in the water.

Beach Bag Essentials

The key to getting ready for the bar from the beach is packing the perfect beach bag that carries all your essentials. Take only the things you need, and leave the rest behind with this checklist:

Beach Towel – you’ll need this to dust and dry off before editing your outfit. Also handy to roll your wet trunks in when you don’t need them.

Toiletries – freshening up after a long day in the sun will make you feel good. You won’t need more than some moisturizer, a hair touch up, and a spray of fragrance.

Long Pants – just because you’re coming from the beach, it doesn’t excuse you from being bar-appropriate in a casual pair of jeans or chinos.

The Bar Look

When it comes to dressing for a beach bar, less is definitely more. It’s all about repurposing key items from your day at the beach, and making them look like new for a night on the town.

The same loosely worn daytime shirt can do double-duty at the bar: Just button is up to the top and neatly roll your sleeves a couple times over. Pack away your swim trunks in favour of a casual pair of jeans or chinos that are ideal for cooler summer nights. And remember those comfortable slip-ons you wore earlier? They’ll go perfectly with your revised look too!