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28 September 2017

International Fashion Language


“Style is a consistent expression of your personality and preferences expressed through your clothing choices. I’m a really easy-going guy so I keep it simple in comfortable clothing”. And for Nhlanhla, stylish comfort is first prize, opting for let him go about his day while still looking good. “I’ll never go for something that is just about the aesthetic appeal foregoing comfort and fabrics,” he adds.

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Along his many travels, Nhlanhla has picked up many experiences and tangible pieces that he adds to his wardrobe as a nod to his passion for travel. “I wear slim-fitting clothing and try to make it my own with different eclectic items I’ve picked up all over the world, particularly to add some flare on the weekends,” says Nhlanhla.

The Odrin Difference

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“Odrin gets the fit just right,” says Nhlanhla. “Consistently, for all the shirts and pants I’ve bought from Odrin, they fit me like a glove without any tailoring – they’ve just been right for me. The fabric is also amazing – it’s light, durable and feels amazing to the touch – it’s no ordinary fabric and feels luxurious”.

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Like most entrepreneurs, Nhlanhla wears many hats, making it difficult to typify his weekdays. “My days straddles a lot of different stakeholders, from working with factory staff to speaking to lawyers and financiers in Sandton, and visiting farmers and suppliers,” he explains. And to get through the unpredictable in style, Nhlanhla swears by comfort during the week, opting for a pair of durable chinos matched with simple yet stylish separates. “Odrin chinos fit just right for my build and allow for full range of movement,” he says of his favorite Odrin item.

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TIME TO UNWIND – Live a Little

Nhlanhla is all business all week long, so he uses the weekends to express more of his personal style and let loose. “Since I wear a shirt all week, it’s usually the first item I’ll let go of on the weekend unless I need to. I love the band collar shirt for weekends – it still feels dressy, but at the same time a bit more casual,” he explains. And while a formal collared shirt is his go-to item during the week, he loves a lighter look for the weekend. “The lighter fabrics are very wearable with shorts and even sandals on the weekends,” says Nhlanhla of his weekend look.

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