10 November 2017

Meet Josh Meltz and Adam Duxbury: The Guys Behind Granadilla Swim

When it came to conceptualising a summer collaboration with ODRIN, only one name came to mind: Granadilla Swim. Not only for their distinct summer feel, and attention to detail in designing their shorts, but because Adam & Josh are stand-up guys with a diligent work ethic and responsible business approach that speaks directly to the ODRIN ethos.

Before forming Granadilla Swim, both Josh and Adam were pursuing professional careers, treating their side-hustle as a mere hobby that allowed two best friends to work together. But it wasn’t long before they both took the plunge to focus on their growing business venture full-time.




Josh: My degree (in Engineering) helped me to be a critical thinker and a dedicated, hard worker. It’s helped us make good decisions, mitigate a lot of risk, and progress in our business quite quickly.
Adam: I was in management consulting for three years before joining Granadilla full-time. I gained a lot of confidence working with CEOs and Directors of big companies, which has given me a head start. I also learned the value of discipline and hard work – I can definitely thank my previous job for instilling a good work ethic in me.

Both Josh and Adam agree that they couldn’t be more different, but their distinctive personalities and varying approaches to business is where the magic of Granadilla Swim happens. They each play different – and often interchangeable – roles in the business based on their unique skills.


Josh: Adam is a very critical, rational and logical thinker; his brain works very methodically and he likes to have all the facts to make reasonable decisions. I’m definitely more of a gut and instinct type of person, and I think those contradictory elements are what make our business work.
Adam: The beauty of our relationship is our different business personalities I bring a meticulous and detailed perspective, which is countered by Josh’s gut feel and big picture thinking, Both of our approaches are crucial to our success as a team.



Josh: The benefit of working with my best friend is that we’re always together, which has helped us develop our business really quickly because we spend all of our time on it. It never feels like a hassle or pain hanging out with Adam because we’re best buddies.
Adam: It’s amazing for me because of who Josh is: He’s an amazing guy, very humble, understanding, considerate and just a pleasure to be a business partner with. It’s really thanks to him that the relationship works.


Josh: My father’s experience in the fashion retail industry has been invaluable to our business – he’s been in the business for 50 years. Notably, he founded the Meltz Factory Stores, and has worked in distribution and manufacturing too. He sits on the board of our company, so we leverage his experience almost every day.
Adam: We’re also really inspired by the local guys who are doing things in similar spaces as us – we learn a lot from one another. I really admire Katlego Maphai who founded [smart technology card reader company] Yoco – he’s got a really good concept of the balance between work and play, and how to merge the two to really enjoy your work lifestyle.

And, at just 26 years old each, Josh and Adam have built a business and brand they can be proud of. But, not without some important lessons along the way. Their advice to other young entrepreneurs is to go in with a plan, and focus on being the best.


Josh: Don’t become too general too soon. Find the one thing you want to do, and do it really well; become the specialist and be the best at it. For the first few years since forming Granadilla Swim, we’ve spent every single waking minute trying to make the best pair of swim shorts, and I think that’s led to our successes.
Adam: Test the hypothesis. You might have an idea that you think is great, but there’s always a way to test the waters and start small before overcommitting. As much as possible, test your idea before jumping in headfirst.




Josh: I think the main components that make ODRIN and Granadilla Swim very similar is an unrelenting attention to detail and quality; and the real desire to make high quality garments. This non-compromising attitude is shared by both companies and made for a great collaboration! Our crazy, brightly coloured swim trunks are perfectly balanced with the collaborative minimalist shirts from ODRIN.
Adam: We created a beautiful collection of shirts with different collars, buttons and fabric finishes including linen and cotton. The ODRIN brand has a meticulous attention to detail that really appealed to us, and that’s something that we want people to associate the Granadilla Swim brand with too.