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4 October 2017

The ODRIN Process Pt 1: Ethically Sourced & Responsibly Made

At ODRIN, we never overlook the power of simplicity as the ultimate sophistication and the keynote of excellence. We know that to be the best, we need to employ the best practices and work with the best in the business.

On Finding The Fabrics


A big part of what defines our simple approach to timeless style is our choice of fabrics and materials. Our fabric choices are integral to how each customer experiences their ODRIN item – we want each item to feel as luxurious as it looks.

Our fabric-sourcing process starts online with a review of the best fabric suppliers from around the world. As often as possible, we’ll supplement this search with a trade show visit where we meet

with various representatives from fabric mills as far afield as New York, Paris, Berlin, Japan and more. This step in the process is crucial as we get to interact with and feel the fabrics firsthand, as well as get samples we can test with our own garments.

From this process, we can shortlist our preferred suppliers of fabrics, trims, and other details before finalizing our decision ahead of manufacturing.

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How it’s made: Once we’ve found the ideal fabric to create the ODRIN Perfect Chino, we create sample garments that we dye to get an understanding of how the fabric responds – how much will it shrink; how much color can it absorb.

On African Excellence

As a proudly African brand, we’re committed to playing our part in creating sustainable impact in African communities. All our ODRIN-branded goods are responsibly made in different African countries, including South Africa and Mauritius, at small, family-owned factories. Our aim is to leave each place better than we found it by improving the lives of the people in the various locations we operate by providing employment and upskilling employees.

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How it’s made: The ODRIN Perfect Chinos are hand-crafted in Johannesburg, South Africa; while all our Dress and Casual Shirts are made in Mauritius and our Belts are made at a family-run factory in Cape Town, South Africa. We also ensure to choose manufacturers that offer great working conditions for their employees.