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7 August 2017

One Shirt, Two Ways

A good shirt takes you some places, but a great shirt can take you anywhere. By incorporating a few style edits you can turn your look around without breaking the bank. Check out how Chad takes the same shirt from cool to casual with a simple tried & tested trick!

Japan is known for producing world class textiles, including this cashmere soft brushed cotton flannel fabric that we used for our Flannel Shirt: a lightweight, slim fit shirt that’s soft to the touch and finished with mother of pearl buttons.

Here’s how Odrin Man, Chad Petersen makes this timeless wardrobe addition work for him in more ways than one!

Look 1: Buttoned Up

When in doubt, go back to basics! We love this easy-wearing, casual menswear staple for a modern man on the move. And there’s no shame in wearing your shirt the way it was intended; with all the buttons done up. If you want to look put together without feeling too formal and stiff, button your shirt all the way to the top. But if it’s a simpler look you’re after, leave the top few buttons undone.

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Styling Tip: Unlike the more formal dress shirts, a casual shirt can look great in both a slim fit and a slightly looser fit, so feel free to play around with proportions based on your personal style.

Look 2: Unbuttoned & Layered

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As the founder of a fashion retail brand, Chad always needs to look the part in stylish gear that allows him to get on with a busy entrepreneur’s day. We love this cool and comfortable combination that gives a new dimension to a classic, casual shirt. Chad wears his Odrin Flannel Shirt unbuttoned and layered over a simple tee for an easy look with a slight edge.

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This casual style looks great when worn with either denim or slim chinos, finished with a stylish pair of sneakers. Leave your sleeves down, or roll them up to the elbows to get some work done