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27 June 2017

One Suit, Many Ways

A few simple style edits can help you get more wear out of your favorite suit. With a little bit of know-how, your suit can take on many styles, from classic formal to nighttime casual, and even comfortably casual.


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Once you’ve covered the suiting basics, you’re ready to introduce a classic pinstripe suit into your collection. The pinstripe suit dates back to the 1920s and has made a modern day comeback in a more fitted style. Break down your favorite suit into separates by styling the jacket and pants individually to give it more mileage.

There’s no need to wait for the next big occasion to wear your perfectly tailored suit – we have some inventive ways to make every day feel like a special occasion! Take a page out of Kola’s book, who we styled in an Odrin Made-to-Measure pinstripe suit, mixed in with some casual items to show you some of the possibilities with a great suit.

1. The Classic Look

You can never go wrong with a classic suit and tie combination: We paired Kola’s pinstripe made-to-measure suit with a timeless crisp white dress shirt and a solid colored tie for a classic finish that’s appropriate for an important day at the office or even a wedding. Complete this look with simple accessories like a classic wristwatch with a solid color band and a slim briefcase.

Style Tip: When choosing a suit, opt for one without belt hoops but, side-adjusters instead. This takes away the pressure of finding a belt that matches your shoes and will also elongate your figure, giving you a clean line from top to bottom!

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2. Nighttime Casual

A good suit should be versatile enough to take you from boardroom formal to dinner with friends with no hassle. We got Kola ready for a Friday night out on the town by making a few simple edits to his attire. Dress your suit down by trading the traditional crisp white dress shirt for a darker shade, and ditch a too-formal tie in favor of a few open buttons.


3. Comfortable Casual

Get more wear out of your suits by deconstructing them and mixing them with appropriate casual wear. Tailored suit pants in dark colors are just as versatile as your favorite pair of chinos or dark denim. For this look, we kept the suit pants and took a page out of our winter style guide by dressing Kola in a black Henley shirt and replaced the suit blazer with a slim wool overcoat. Visit the Odrin showroom at Joburg’s trendy 44 Stanley in Milpark to get measured for your perfect fit suit and winter overcoat, and shop other timeless men’s wardrobe staples.

Style Tip: Ensure your suit is well-fitting before incorporating casual items. A well-tailored suit is easier to pair with casual items such as a slim t-shirt – even one with graphics!