23 November 2016

Stripe me up

From modest beginnings, the Breton Stripe patterns were used as a naval uniform but over time has become tantamount with French style. St. James has been the original Breton outfitter of the French Navy since the 1800s. The Breton stripe shirts were made popular in the 1950’s when Hollywood icons like James Dean wore them.

St James has been renowned for their craftsmanship and quality, as careful attention has been given to every step of their manufacturing process. Over the past decade, St. James has become less synonymous with French Naval uniforms and more as a classic wardrobe staple.

The St. James line of shirts are extremely versatile and easy to pair with any of your wardrobe essentials. From casual to dressy, here are three ways we style our breton stripes;


The perfect weekend outfit; Whether you are meeting your guys at the bar or heading for brunch, you can dress down your Breton stripe with a pair of slim fit chinos and some white shoes.

OLIFE33103 Casual outfit featuring: St. James Levant Modern //perfect chinos



This creative take on casual Friday is sure to have you looking your best at the office. Pair your stripes with a pair of chinos, a blazer and a pair of casual oxfords. Finish off this look with a leather briefcase .




“Pairing your stripes with contrasting colours is a great combination”



Business Casual Outfit featuring: St. James Minquiers Modern // Perfect Chinos  // Jack Spade Fulton file Briefcase// 


Upgrade your look from day to night! Pair up your stripes with a pair of dark denim or dark chinos . Finish off your look with a pair of sleek dress shoes such as double monks, oxfords or chelsea boots.

A22Dressy casual outfit featuring: Breton Striped shirt//Japanese Selvedge Denim