16 October 2017

Swap to Summer

Long and hot summer days followed by cool and breezy nights call for a wardrobe of their own! Here’s how Odrin Man, Thoba is making his transition a smooth one with some simple styling tips.


Fabric Choice is Key

While you may have won winter with heavyweight fabrics, jackets, and overcoats, they definitely have no place in the upcoming hot summer months. Retire your warm flannel shirts and woolen coats in favor of easy, breezy fabrics that wear easily throughout summer.

Breathable linen is the ideal summer fabric and feels cool to the touch – perfect for hot summer days. Chambray is a great, lightweight alternative to heavier denim that will see you through many summer days and nights in style.

Style Tip: Go for natural fibers like cotton that allow air to circulate more freely through the fabric, giving a cooling effect on your body as you wear it.


Prepare for the Whole Day

The summer season can often be quite temperamental, switching from unbearable heat to a cool breeze or even rain in a single day. Not to mention the long, hot days are followed by chillier nights. The key is to dress for a full day in mind, by choosing durable fabrics and easy-wearing items that can seamlessly go from day to night.

While layering can keep you warm in winter, it’s great for summer too. A lightweight shirt layered over a simple tee makes for a versatile outfit that can easily be worn as separates depending on what the day calls for.

Style Tip: A lightweight overshirt is the ideal summer purchase – wear it open over a tee, or solo as a style statement.

Incorporate Some Color

What better excuse than hot days, cold drinks, sun and sea to introduce some color into your wardrobe? If bright shades aren’t for you, then go for light shades of your favorite neutral colors like blue. Or go bold in intricate and interesting patterns that you can get away with in style for summer.

Style Tip: Take a page out of Thoba’s style book and balance bold colors and patterns by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral.


Thoba’s Transition to Summer Dos and Don’ts

DO pack away heavy winter fabrics

DO invest in lightweight materials

DO incorporate light & bright shades

DON’T compromise your simple style

DON’T forget to layer

DON’T be afraid of bold prints & patterns