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26 July 2017

The Ultimate Suit Guide

The difference between a good suit and a great one is fit! All Odrin suits are made to measure to our clients’ exact measurements. And while there’s no quick fix, we’re sharing some tools of the trade that every guy can follow for the perfect fit, regardless of your body type.

3M9A1073-193 shoulder seam


Your shoulder seams should lie flat & naturally, with no rumpling or creasing, and end at the point where your shoulders start curving down to your arm. Walk around to make sure there is no pulling as your arms move naturally.

Stomach Area

If your jacket is pulling into a wrinkled X-shape when it’s buttoned, it’s too tight. When the first button is buttoned up, you should be able to fit your thumb comfortably in between the jacket and your stomach without any pulling or crumpling.


3M9A1075-195 collar


The collar of your suit should rest against your shirt collar, touching slightly and leaving no noticeable gap. Make sure your jacket collar sits 2-4 cm (0.75-1.5 inches) below the collar of your shirt.

Sleeve Length

As a general guideline, your jacket sleeve should end just above your large wrist bone, while your shirt should be a little longer. This typically translates to exposing about 2.5cm (1 inch) of your shirt.

3M9A1069-189 sleeve length

Trouser Break

When the fold of your trousers meets your shoes, it causes a small wrinkle called a “break”. To create this subtle feature, your trousers should just touch the top of your shoes, typically stopping a little above halfway

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Jacket Length

This is an important consideration that can make or break your look as it determines the balance of proportions between your upper and lower body. The right length should be able to cover the zip of your trousers and your entire behind.